BÜHNEN HB 500 EHT Applicator


HB 500 EHT incl. tool stand with air kit

The PAM Buehnen HB 500 HT is a bulk adhesive dispensing glue gun capable of withstanding harsh environments and dispensing at high volumes. This high temperature glue gun is excellent for dispensing hot melt adhesives or glue slugs with high melting points, like polyamides or APAOs.

Technical Data HB 500
Weight 20.3 lbs
Operating Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 350 W
Operating temperature 248°F-482°F
Temperature control Electronic
Temperature display LED Digital Temperature Display
Melting tank capacity 7 oz.
HB 500 Glue Gun
Product Pricing Part Number  
HB 500 EHT incl. tool stand with air kit $2,299.00 USD H202350 BUY NOW