BÜHNEN HB 710 Bead HT Applicator | High Temperature


HB 710 Bead HT applicator device

The HB 710 HT is a pneumatic adhesive gun for high-temperature use up to 500°F(260°C) and has precise temperature controls and a quick response time.

It features electronic temperature control with an energy-saving temperature-lowering mechanism. 

The gun comes with a standard cone nozzle (Ø 1.5 mm) and has a very high melting performance.

BÜHNEN HB 710 Bead tool stand
Technical Data HB 710 Bead HB 710 Bead High Temp HB 710 Spray
Part Number H218620


Conveyor system Compressed-air connection, max. 145 psi (Service with quick-action coupling) The compressed air must be condesate and acid free.
Weight 3 LBS 3.3 LBS 3.3 LBS
Operating Voltage 230V AC / 50 Hz / earthing-pin plug
Power consumption 600 W 600 W 600 W
Operating temperature 104°F-410 °F 104°F-482 °F 104°F-410 °F
Temperature indication Digital via LED display
Temperature control Electronic
Melting tank capacity 43mm Cartridges 7lbs per hour or 2.5 hours with ganulate
Nozzles (Standard) Cone nozzle Ø 1,5 mm Cone nozzle Ø 1,5 mm Swirl spray head Ø 1,5 mm
Operating Pressure 20 psi-90 psi 20 psi-90 psi 20 psi-90 psi
Line of Supply with electrical and pneumatic connections 13 ft. 13 ft. 13 ft.
Warm Up time 3 to 5 min. 3 to 5 min. 3 to 5 min.
Product Pricing Part Number  
HB 710 Bead HT incl. air service unit $1,799.00 USD H218656 BUY NOW
Tool stand for HB 710 (stand only) $459.00 USD H206495 BUY NOW
Workstation for series HB 710 $999.00 USD H206570 BUY NOW
Assemble kit workstation for HB 710 $599.00 USD H206445 BUY NOW