BÜHNEN HB 710 Spray Applicator


HB 710 Spray applicator device

The HB 710 Spray Applicator is for the melting and metered discharge of melts (thermoplastic substances such as hot-melt adhesives, w axes, etc.)

The HB 710 Spray model offers spray application of adhesive in 43 mm diameter slugs or from granulate/pillows. Where very high melting capacities and rapid heating are required, use of slugs is preferable. By interrupting the spray air inlet, the HB 710 Spray can also apply glue in beads.

BÜHNEN HB 710 Bead tool stand
Technical Data HB 710 Bead HB 710 Bead High Temp HB 710 Spray
Part Number H218620


Conveyor system Compressed-air connection, max. 145 psi (Service with quick-action coupling) The compressed air must be condesate and acid free.
Weight 3 LBS 3.3 LBS 3.3 LBS
Operating Voltage 230V AC / 50 Hz / earthing-pin plug
Power consumption 600 W 600 W 600 W
Operating temperature 104°F-410 °F 104°F-482 °F 104°F-410 °F
Temperature indication Digital via LED display
Temperature control Electronic
Melting tank capacity 43mm Cartridges 7lbs per hour or 2.5 hours with ganulate
Nozzles (Standard) Cone nozzle Ø 1,5 mm Cone nozzle Ø 1,5 mm Swirl spray head Ø 1,5 mm
Operating Pressure 20 psi-90 psi 20 psi-90 psi 20 psi-90 psi
Line of Supply with electrical and pneumatic connections 13 ft. 13 ft. 13 ft.
Warm Up time 3 to 5 min. 3 to 5 min. 3 to 5 min.
Product Pricing Part Number  
HB 710 Spray incl. air service unit $1,899.00 USD H218720 BUY NOW
HB 710 Spray incl. tool stand and air service unit $2,099.00 USD H218730 BUY NOW
Tool stand for HB 710 (stand only) $459.00USD H206495 BUY NOW
Workstation for series HB 710 $999.00USD H206570 BUY NOW
Assemble kit workstation for HB 710 $599.00USD H206445 BUY NOW