BÜHNEN HB 720 K Spray Cartridge Applicator


HB 720 K spray Wing. Line Air

Buhnen is introducing a new generation pneumatic glue applicator with Wing.line air technology.

The 720K Wing.Line Air

The HB 720 K can be used to process reactive hot melt adhesives such as PUR or POR in the form of aluminum cartridges. Using electronic precision temperature control with accuracy of +/- 1.8°F, the user can adjust the tool to the proper temperature setting for applying the thermoplastic material, such as hot-melt adhesives, waxes, resins, etc. The reservoir is loaded with the material to be applied and given time to melt. The trigger is pulled and compressed air charges the reservoir which allows the material to be dispensed in a spray pattern. The shape, weight and ergonomics have been designed to reduce operator fatigue.

The digital LED temperature control on the HB 720 K series offers operating ranges from 105F- 410F. Additionally the intelligent design of the electronic temperature control provides automatic temperature reduction. This means the tool will reduce its operating temperature by 105F after 30 minutes of non-use or this time interval can be customized by the user. It is important that the tool always be used in a nozzle down orientation.


  • Bead and Spray version available
  • Digital spray pattern setting facilitates replicable spray patterns
  • Suitable for reactive hot melts in 310 ml cartridges such as Polyurathane (PUR) or Polyolefine (POR)
  • Operators can handle the gun horizontally or overhead
  • New gasket for nozzle connection
  • Automatic tempeture control
  • Microprocessor-control temperature (+/-1˚ C)
  • Cartridge fill level indicator
  • Compatible with 700 series glues and kits
HB 720 K Bead
Technical Data HB 720 K Bead HB 720 K Spray
Weight 3.9 Lbs 4.2 LBS
Operating Voltage 5.0 Amps 5.0 Amps
Power consumption 600 W 600 W
Operating temperature 104°F-410 °F 104°F-410 °F
Temperature control Electronic Electronic
Temperature display digital LED display and additional fill level displaydigital LED display and additional fill level display
Melting tank capacity 10 oz Cartridge 10 oz Cartridge
Nozzles (Standard) Cone nozzle Ø 3 mm Swirl spray head Ø 1,5 mm
Line of Supply with electrical and pneumatic connections 10 ft 10 ft
Warm Up time 25 min. 25 min.
Operating Pressure 25 psi-90 psi 25 psi-90 psi
Compressed- air connection Max. 175 psi (Service unit with quick action coupling). The compressed air must be condensate and acid free
BÜHNEN HB 720 K Spray
Product Pricing Part Number  
HB 720 K Spray incl. air service unit $2,199.00 USD H219970 BUY NOW
HB 720 K Spray incl. tool stand and air service unit $2,499.00 USD H219980 BUY NOW
Tool stand for serial HB 720 (stand only) $459.00 USD H219150 BUY NOW
Assemble kit workstation for HB 720 $599.00 USD H219110 BUY NOW
Cartridge Pre-heater K 96 R $999.00 USD ACH0454.1 BUY NOW