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Hot Melt Adhesive

Automotive Applications

Buhnen hot melt adhesives and applicators are used for coating insulation materials, securing electronic components, manufacturing car seats and many other applications in the automotive industry

Hot Melt Adhesive


Our hot melt systems have a variety of uses in the filtration industry. Products are used for the surface bonding of technical films and in air filter manufacturing.

Hot Melt Adhesive


Companies use hot melt for many applications in the electronics industry. From fast-setting adhesives for automatic processing to products with long open time for display bonding.

Hot Melt Adhesive


Hot melt for a variety of uses in the labeling industry. Contact us today to find out how our hot melt systems can streamline your production line.

Hot Melt Adhesive


Our product solutions for the construction industry are used, among other things, to produce self-adhesive insulation materials and offer protection against abrasion in the roofing industry.

Hot Melt Adhesive


EVA-based hot melt adhesives, polyolefin adhesives, and contact adhesives are used in the production of furniture

Hot Melt Adhesive


Our products offer solutions for a variety of uses in the packaging industry and are also suitable for bonding trays, cartons and folding boxes and for creating displays.

Hot Melt Adhesive


Products are used for the surface bonding/laminating of technical films and in the area of mattress manufacture.